How to Change Character Outfits in Evil Dead: The Game

Wondering how to change character outfits (or appearance) in Evil Dead: The Game? Here’s what you need to know.

Skins, costumes, outfits, appearance – whatever you call them, character cosmetics are very popular in online games. And that’s no different in Evil Dead: The Game. Each character you can play as has a range of outfits available.

To change character outfits in¬†Evil Dead: The Game, you’ll need to head to ‘Collection’ from the main menu screen. From there, you can choose any survivor or demon who you want to change the outfit of.


Once you’ve selected a character, use the right shoulder button to toggle along to the ‘Outfits’ tab. There, you can see all outfits you’ve currently unlocked for that character.

You’ll unlock some outfits as you play through¬†Evil Dead: The Game. Others can be purchased from your platform’s storefront. Whenever you pick up a new costume, simply head back into the ‘Collection’ menu to find them. You can change between them as often as you’d like.

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