How to Lower Your Fear Level in Evil Dead: The Game

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Wondering how to lower your fear level in Evil Dead: The Game? Here’s what you need to know.

When things get tense in a match of Evil Dead: The Game, something called your ‘fear level’ will rise. You’ll know when your fear level is high because you’ll hear your character’s heart pumping as the screen turns more read. You can also gauge it by looking at the pink bar under your health on the HUD.

But how do you lower your fear level in Evil Dead: The Game? There’s a couple of ways, but the key is light sources.


When you notice your fear level creeping up, seek out a light source. These come in various forms: perhaps it’ll be a bonfire, a street light, or a house with its lights on inside. Standing in the glow of a light for a short time will lower your fear level.

If you can’t see a light source, you can also light bonfires of your own. You’ll collect matches as you play; these can be used to light fires inside barrels. Keep an eye out for empty barrels, and be sure to collect matches. You never know when you might need a light source.

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