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How to Perform a Finisher in Trek to Yomi

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Want to kill your enemies in style in Trek to Yomi? You’ll want to perform finishers. Here’s everything you need to know.

Performing a finisher in Trek to Yomi is rewarding, so you’ll want to do it as often as possible. For a start, finishers look fancy, with Hiroki brutally killing his target in a variety of ways. But it’s also beneficial, as each finisher performed restores a small portion of your health.

To perform a finisher in Trek to Yomi, you need to injure an enemy enough to leave them in a near death state. It’s therefore tricky to perform a finisher on a standard enemy as they’re weak, especially on lower difficulty levels.

You’ll know when an enemy is in a near death state, however, as they’ll just stand on the spot, swaying ever so slightly.

When an enemy is in a near death state, you can initiate a finisher by approaching them and pressing the finisher button (right shoulder button). Hiroki will then perform one of numerous stylish finishers, putting the enemy out of their misery. You’ll need to be fairly quick though, as the near death state doesn’t last forever.

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