How to Unlock Characters in Evil Dead: The Game

Whether you’re an Evil Dead fan, or just love asymmetrical horror games, Evil Dead: The Game is worth a play.

If you’re a fan of Evil Dead, however, you might wonder why certain characters don’t appear in the game’s lineup at the start. We’re talking about characters such as Pablo from Ash Vs Evil Dead, and Lord Arthur from Army of Darkness. The answer is, you need to unlock them.

To unlock characters in Evil Dead: The Game, you need to complete the game’s single player missions. There are five of them included in the game right now, with a sixth to come at a later date.

Initially, only the first mission is available. Complete that, and you’ll unlock the next. And so on, and so on. Each mission places you on a map and challenges you to complete numerous objectives.

Upon completing a mission, you’ll be given various rewards, some of which are new characters. Here’s how to unlock all new characters in Evil Dead: The Game:

  • How to unlock Ash Vs Evil Dead Ash Williams: Complete mission one.
  • How to unlock Amanda Fisher: You’ll unlock this Ash Vs Evil Dead character by completing mission 3.
  • How to unlock Pablo Simon Bolivar: Pablo is also from Ash Vs Evil Dead, and you’ll unlock him by completing mission 4.
  • How to unlock Lord Arthur from Army of Darkness: complete mission 5.

Once unlocked, these characters flesh out the survivor roster, giving you more options when deciding whether to play as a hunter, leader, support, or warrior. Ash Williams (Ash Vs Evil Dead) and Lord Arthur are both leader class survivors. Pablo is a support class survivor, and Amanda is a hunter class survivor.

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