How to Use Flashlight in Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead the Game (1)

Don’t get left in the dark: here’s what you need to know about using the flashlight in Evil Dead: The Game.

The flashlight in Evil Dead: The Game is an essential tool. This is a dark game, and so when you’re exploring particularly dark areas – like outhouses – your flashlight will come in handy to illuminate those shrouded corners. It will also reveal hidden items. But how do you use it?

It’s simple. The flashlight will automatically be in your inventory when you start playing a match. To use it, you just need to press ‘left’ on your controller’s d-pad. Press it again to turn it off.


However, you don’t have unlimited use of your flashlight. Look at the bottom-right of your HUD: you’ll see a little flashlight icon. Underneath is a percentage – this is how much power your flashlight has left.

So, be sure to use your flashlight in Evil Dead: The Game scarcely. Using it too often means you may well run out before you need it most. And make sure you don’t accidentally leave it on. Always toggle it off when you’ve used it.

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