How to Use Special Character Skills in Evil Dead: The Game

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Wondering how to use a character’s special skill inĀ Evil Dead: The Game? Here’s what you need to know.

In Evil Dead: The Game, each character has their own roster of special skills. Every character starts out with two initially: one active skill, and one passive skill. Passive skills offer various perks, while active skills can provide a unique attack or defense manoeuvre.

To use a character’s special skill in Evil Dead: The Game, simply press the circle button (that’s B on an Xbox controller).


Two more skills are available to each character, but you’ll need to level them up first. You’ll unlock the third skill when you reach level 10, and the fourth skill at level 25. These are a mix of active and passive skills for each character.

It pays to use a character’s special skill, or at least become familiar with them. Each one is different depending on who you’re playing as, and it could just be the ticket for getting you out of a sticky situation.

To look at what skills a character has available, head to the ‘Collection’ from the game’s main menu.

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