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How to Whistle in Sniper Elite 5

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With stealth being at the forefront of Sniper Elite 5, you’ll want to take as many enemies down as quietly as you can. Either that or sneak past them.

The problem is, just what do you do when there’s an enemy in your path that you just can’t seem to get past without them detecting you? Or if there are two enemies that you want to split up? The answer may be to whistle. Believe it or not, whistling is a very useful tool in Sniper Elite 5.

So, how do you whistle in Sniper Elite 5? It’s quite easy, really. First you might want to make sure you’ve got the whistle ability equipped. To do that, bring up the weapon wheel by holding the left shoulder button, then highlight the whistle on the right hand side of the wheel with the right analogue stick. Release the left button button, and you’ll now have the whistle equipped.

With the whistle equipped, you can now press the right shoulder button to use it, drawing the attention of enemies. Use to lure then to long grass so that you can stealth kill them, for example. Just remember to re-equip other useful tools such as med kits or bottles when you’re not planning on using it.

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