Humble’s Handheld PC Power Bundle is Great Value if You’ve Got a Steam Deck

Handheld PC Power Humble Bundle

Got a Steam Deck? Want some more games to play on it? Check out Humble’s new Handheld PC Power Bundle.

That’s not to say the Steam Deck itself is short on games – unlike a lot of consoles where early adopters get the worse of it, a massive number of existing Steam games work fine on the Steam Deck. But Humble’s Handheld PC Bundle will next you £182 worth of games, eight games in total, for just under £16 (though you can choose to donate more).

On top of that, a chunk of the money raised (you can tweak the actual percentage) goes to two charities; Lifelites, which supports children with life-limiting and life threatening conditions, and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, which supports 170 children’s hospitals across the US and Canada.

So what do you get for your £16? And do you really need a Steam Deck? The answer to the latter question is no, you don’t need a Steam Deck. All these titles work fine on a PC, through Steam. But they’re all “playable or verified for Steam Deck”.

The eight games on offer are:

We’ve not tackled all the titles in this bundle, but Neon Abyss, Mutant Year Zero and Paint the Town Red are absolutely worth picking up. Paint the Town Red, which sees you starting physics-based bar brawls, is ideal for small bursts of silliness. And Mechwarrior 5, though we found it got stale after a while, is still a steal if you like big stompy robots.

You also have the option to pick up a four item bundle, including Parkasarus, Paint the Town Red, Exanima and Orcs Must Die! 2 – Complete for £7.96. You can grab the Handheld PC Power Bundle here, up until June 1st.