Lost Ark’s May Update Introduces the Destroyer, a New Hammer Swinging Class

Lost Ark Destroyer

Lost Ark’s May update brings a host of tweaks, updates and additions including the “Destroyer”.

Unfortunately, the name doesn’t refer to a ship, as entertaining as it would be to sail a modern-day battleship around this PC MMORPG’s waterlogged world. Instead, the Destroyer is a new Warrior sub-class, a big character with an even big hammer.

The Destroyer’s “hammer attacks are so catastrophically crushing that Destroyers can bend gravity to their will”, something we can definitely appreciate. Playing Elden Ring, we get a real kick out of equipping a hammer and just ploughing through enemy armour. Sure, a sword may bounce off but when you’ve got a massive piece of metal, there’s not an awful lot your foes can do.

Aside from this new advanced class, the update will introduce the following:

  • Valtan, an extra-tough eight player Legion raid, open to players who are item level 1415 or above
  • Deskaluda, a four player raid which, again, is open to players who are item level 1415 or above
  • Rotating challenge guardian raids
  • New PvE and PvP guild activies
  • Quality of life improvements/bug fixes.
  • Neria’s Wardrobe, with jeans and other modern clothes.

No, we’re not making that last one up. This fantasy MMORPG will let you run around in jeans, looking for all the world like your character has escaped from The Sims. The update will be arriving some time this month, though Amazon and Smilegate have yet to give an exact date.