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Gran Turismo 7 May 2022 Update

May’s Gran Turismo 7 Update Adds Three New Cars

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A free Gran Turismo 7 May update adds three new cars to the hyper-realistic racer which, so far, has over 400.

We sang GT7’s praises when we reviewed it and we’re always up or more cars, so Gran Turismo 7’s May update is just what we ordered. That said, we’re a little sore that the game still hasn’t got Phantasm’s 1971 Hemicuda, meaning our Reggie Bannister fantasies are hold for now. The ‘Cuda did appear in GT6, so maybe won’t have to wait too long.

So what cars does this latest update introduce? The three vehicles are the TOYOTA GR010 HYBRID ’21, SUZUKI Vision Gran Turismo and the Roadster Shop Rampage. Our pick has to be the SUZUKI Vision Gran Turismo because it a) looks ridiculously sleek and b) doesn’t have a spoiler.

But that’s not the only addition this update introduces. It also adds a New Orleans ‘scape to the game which means you can take pictures of your prized vehicle hang out in that location. No, racing around the streets of New Orleans is not an option though, now we think about it, there’s always Forza Horizon 6.

Don’t count on these cars just turning up, ready to race – chances are you’ll have to unlock them through repeated play but don’t even think about forking out real money for them. You can find out more about the May 2022 Gran Turismo 7 update here.

Gran Turismo 7, out now, is available physically and digitally for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. 

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