What is Today’s Nerdle Answer? 17 May


Wondering what the answer to today’s Nerdle is? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

First came Wordle, and then Nerdle. While Wordle tasks players with guessing a five-letter word each day in six attempts, Nerdle challenges you to guess a mathematical equation. It’s very tricky, particularly if you’re not numbers-oriented. If you’re struggling with today’s Nerdle answer on 17 May, let us help.

The solution, for example, could be 1+4+7=12. There are always eight numbers or symbols in there, and it’s always a correct, complete sum. The best course of action, then, is to input a sum to begin with that uses as many unique numbers as possible. It’s always helpful to get two different signs in there too, for instance one + and one -. It makes it easier to narrow down future guesses.


Before we start, click here to read some general Nerdle tips to help you figure out the answer for yourself.

Want some tips to help you figure out 17 May’s Nerdle answer before we tell you the solution? Here you go:

  • The answer to the sum has three digits
  • Two digits are repeated
  • One sign is in use

Did they help? If not, the answer to today’s Nerdle is as follows:

5 x 49 = 245

If you didn’t get it today, don’t worry – there’s always tomorrow.

Previous Nerdle Answers

Did you miss an answer from earlier this week? Here are the Nerdle answers from the last few days:

  • 16 May: 14 + 46 = 60
  • 15 May: 98 – 19 = 79
  • 14 May: 74 + 25 = 99
  • 13 May: 6 x 5 / 15 = 2
  • 12 May: 7 x 82 = 574
  • 11 May: 357 / 7 = 51
  • 10 May: 44 – 5 x 7 = 9

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