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Olli Olli World’s VOID Riders Expansion Promises to Be Out of This World

Olli Olli World Void Riders

Olli Olli World’s story-based expansion, VOID Riders, adds aliens to the side-on skateboarding game.

That’s aliens with a lower-case “a”, though we would pay good money for a skate-em-up where you have to dodge face-huggers. And, while Olli Olli World: VOID Riders‘ otherworldly beings haven’t come to Earth to lay their eggs in your chest, they do have an ulterior motive.

They’re big skateboarding fans but, not content to just watch you show off your skills, they’re spiriting away chunks of the skate parks. So the regular Cloverbrook, Sunshine Valley, and Burntrock have been replaced with versions that are in the process of being abducted.

We absolutely loved Olli Olli World, the third entry in the Olli Olli series, awarding it an 8 out of 10 and remarking that it outshone its older siblings. So we’re definitely up for more skateboarding action even if, a little cheekily, three of VOID Rider’s new levels seem to be remixes.

The presence of tractor beams means your skater can defy gravity, getting even more air than usual. As the trailer reveals, you can skate across a ramp that’s being yanked skyward which seems slightly harrowing – it’s probably a good thing Olli Olli World isn’t full on 3D.

Impress your alien overlords enough and you could find yourself skating through the V.O.I.D. zone, though developer Roll7 has, so far, been tight-lipped about what this entails and we’re really looking forward to finding out. Given that the aliens mission is “acquiring skater specimens for the mighty Nebulord”, we suspect there’ll be some sort of skateboard-based set-to.

Olli Olli World: VOID Riders comes to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. It requires the full game and is priced at £7.99 or £11.99 as part of the Expansion Pass (which will entitled you to a second expansion, releasing later this year).

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