PC RTS Crossfire: Legion Has 24 New Units From Flame Tanks to Leaping Mechs

Crossfire: Legion New Roster Units

Crossfire: Legion, launching into Early Access later this month, has 24 new units, spread across the game’s three factions.

It’s a spin-off from Crossfire, a game that, while it’s not quite as well known here, is ludicrously popular in Asia. But whereas the original Crossfire is an online FPS, Crossfire: Legion is a real-time strategy game, playable solo as well as online.

We went hands-on with it back in January, and noted that it offered “..classic RTS gameplay but with a high pace.” In other words, don’t expect long, drawn-out Total Annihilation style battles, but if you’ve got fond memories of Command and Conquer and its ilk you may get a big kick out of the mayhem.

So what’s new? Each of the three factions will get a different unit selection. The first faction, Global Risk gets:

  • Grenade troopers
  • Shield troopers
  • The Gladiator Minigun tank
  • The Marshall rocket vehicle
  • The Imperator long range mobile cannon
  • The Rapier air-to-air vehicle
  • The Halberd air-to-ground helicopter
  • The Scepter rapid transport plane.

Black list, on the other hand, now has:

  • Fire-ant flamethrower troopers
  • Fast-moving Jackal troopers
  • Mobile flame-tank The Beetle
  • The Scorpion, a gas-grenade launching tank
  • The Centipede, a healing support vehicle
  • The Prion, an emp-firing helicopter
  • The Condor, a helicopter that launches explosive drones
  • The Albatross, an armoured troop-transport helicopter

Finally, New Horizon get:

  • The Ogre, a heavily armoured infantry unit that deals long range damage.
  • The Minotaur, an infantry unit that sports energy cannons
  • The Manticore, which has powerful dual cannons
  • The Cerberus, a vehicle that sports a powerful rail-gun but which can also teleport away
  • The Hades, which can fire explosive drones
  • The Hyperior, a mech which, apart from being downright imposing, can jump
  • The air-based Siren which launches damaging energy fields
  • The Charon, a troop transport vehicle.

And that’s it. All the factions get some sort of aerial troop transport vehicle but the rest varies between factions. We do take issue with the definition of “long range” – to us, long rage, RTS wise, is annihilating an enemy from the other side of the map, having spent the last half hour building a “Big Bertha”. But, since Crossfire: Legion isn’t geared towards long games, we can live with that.

Crossfire: Legion enters Steam Early Access this May 24th, which is when you’ll be able to purchase it. It’ll launch with an A.I. skirmish mode, co-op, head-to-head and the first act of a fully-feature single-player mode. For now, you can wishlist it on Steam here.