Psychedelic Horror The Chant Sees a New Age Retreat Go Horribly Wrong

The Chant

The Chant, coming later this year, is set to turn a new age-style retreat into a nightmare and we’re absolutely here for it.

Why? Because we’ve just finished bingeing Nine Perfect Strangers on Amazon and we got a big kick out seeing the tranquillity of a health and wellness retreat be absolutely shattered. The big difference between Nine Perfect Strangers and The Chant is, going by what’s been revealed so far, the latter’s terrors aren’t just psychological.

Described as a third-person horror action-adventure game, it sees the retreat’s attendees opening a passage to The Gloom, a realm that “feeds off negative energy, driving you and the others mad by preying on anxieties and fears, manifesting them as interdimensional creatures.”

In others, all the worries that the retreat’s attendees were hoping to get rid have manifested and are in real danger of tearing their heads off. That, in turn, raises a question that we hope The Chant will address: if you can relax enough to ignore your anxieties, albeit temporarily, will the monsters ignore you? We’re crossing our fingers for a mechanic where, instead of holding your breath, you have to bury your fears in order to elude the monsters.

The Chant is undeniably pretty, as you can tell from the above trailer. In particular, we appreciate the contrast between sedate “normal” retreat and the way it looks when the creatures have invaded.

Developed by Brass Token and published by Prime Matter, The Chant will arrive later this year on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.