Replaced’s Release Window Has Been Replaced, But With Good Reason


Replaced, originally set for a 2022 PC and Xbox release, has been delayed till 2023.

The sci-fi platformer, which was unveiled back in 2021, casts you as an artificial intelligence that’s been crammed, apparently against its will, into a fragile, fleshy human body. Aware that your existence could be snuffed out in seconds, your job is to figure out what’s going on and, we presume, reverse it.

While it won’t hit the PlayStation, at least not yet, it’s set for an Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC release, via Steam and the Epic Games Store. It’ll also be coming to Game Pass the day of release although, as announced by developer Sad Cat Studios and publisher Coatsink, it’s been pushed back to next year.

The delay is not coronavirus-released, though the reason is no less weighty. Sad Cat Studios’ staff are from Belarus and Ukraine and given Russia’s ongoing invasion of the country, which has also affected neighbouring territories, they’ve had to relocate.

“We are continuing to work hard to match the quality you’ve come to expect from the trailer, but are prioritizing both the physical and mental health of the developers by not forcing the original deadlines that have been unexpectedly impacted,” reads the statement.

We can’t argue with that, nor would we even attempt to – at the end of the day, Replaced is just a game. Understandably, there’s no release window other than 2023 but you can expect to hear more when Sad Cat Studios are in a better position, physically and mentally.

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