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Roguelite RPG The Hand of Merlin is Coming to Consoles and PC

The Hand of Merlin

The Hand of Merlin isn’t, unfortunately, about the severed, re-animated hand of Merlin, but this roguelite RPG still has us intrigued.

Its premise is that Merlin, while he hasn’t had to hack his hand off with a chainsaw, is an interdimensional being, the only thing standing between our dimension and a horde of invading, otherworldly slimy things. That’s where you come in.

Taking control of a band of up to three heroes, you’ve got to roam the medieval world and, murdering a lot of sci-fi/horror-styled monsters along the way, ensure that the dimension-breaching beasties stay at home and that Earth isn’t rent asunder. No pressure.

The good news is that, since The Hand of Merlin features turn-based combat, you’ve got a chance to think before some otherworldly horror tries to eat your face. And, since it’s been in Steam Early Access since May of last year, developers Room-C Games and Croteam have hopefully had the chance to really hone the game. And yes, Croteam are the people behind Serious Sam. And two of Room-C’s developers worked on Serious Sam 4.

But back to The Hand of Merlin. It’s not always “your” Earth you’re trying to save: there’s some multiverse-hopping shenanigans going on here. Fail a run and it’s not just a case of restarting, though, from your perspective, that’s what’s going on. You leap to another Earth – successful runs save that Earth, failed runs doom it forever. Like we said, no pressure.

It’s the latter premise, in particular, which has us paying attention. We’re especially curious to see if the game takes you to task for seeding the doom of so many worlds. It also raises the question of whether “success”, in The Hand of Merlin’s world, actually counts for anything.

The Hand of Merlin is coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series S/X and Xbox One this June 14th. Give the trailer a watch below.

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