Sker Ritual’s Reveal Trailer Has Been Unleashed on the World

Sker Ritual Screenshot_02 (1)

Sker Ritual, the co-op multiplayer follow-up to Welsh horror Maid of Sker, has a new reveal trailer.

It’s the second trailer after Wales Interactive’s original teaser trailer, and while it looks suitably gloomy, and offers a glimpse of the deeply unsettling Laughing Policeman shop, it’s relatively short, coming in at about fifty seconds. We’re hoping for a lengthier look at the game before it arrives this Summer.

The good news is that publisher and developer Wales Interactive has shared a little more information, on top of the ghost-blasting reveal trailer. We already know that Sker Ritual takes place in and around the original Maid of Sker hotel and has a focus on wave-based FPS combat supportign 1-4 players. However, it’ll also feature:

  • Scaling enemy numbers, so if you’re playing solo, you won’t be absolutely annihilated. Conversely, roping in four players is no guarantee of success.
  • Interchangeable in-game masks, including sci-fi and zombie masks. From what we’ve seen so far, these should gel with the game’s aesthetic.
  • You can use unique voice taunts, which may be tied to the mask you’re wearing.
  • There’s a perk system, which uses “miracles”. Wales Interactive promise to reveal more about this later.
  • The enemies you’ll face include a teleporting Banshee, the Mariner, the invisible Phantom, and Abraham who returns from the original Maid of Sker.

We’ve definitely got our eye on Sker Ritual. We weren’t all that taken by the original Maid of Sker, but we’re curious to see how this follow-up tackles the pivot from supernatural horror to co-op blasting action.

Sker Ritual is set for a Summer release, coming to PC via Steam.