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Snowy Survival Game The Long Dark Will Be Getting Paid DLC

The Long Dark Episode 4

The Long Dark is.. not over. After eight long years, the fifth and final episode is in the works, but developer Hinterland Studio has plans for paid DLC.

As revealed in a developer diary posted on Steam, by writer and producer Raphael van Lierop, the paid DLC will be coming to the game’s snowy survival mode. The diary also reveals that van Lierop will be stepping aside and handing the project over to new project lead Katie Sorrell.

Hinterland hasn’t ruled out the possibility of future story-related content, though the diary states that the fifth and final free story episode will likely arrive in 2023. However, they will be separating the story mode from the survival mode; van Lierop explains that having the two tied into each other was problematic.

“It’s been a huge amount of work, involving careful separation of content but in some cases also the wholesale refactoring of code and entire systems,” he explains. He then goes on to state that Wintermute, the story component of The Long Dark, will be separated from the survival mode. It may be that, at some point, you’ll be able to purchase the two separately.

Do we begrudge Hinterland’s move to paid DLC? Not in the least. They’ve been supporting The Long Dark longer than Hello Games have been updating No Man’s Sky. If charging for DLC (the diary indicates there’ll be season pass and solo purchase options) lets them build on an already excellent game, that’s great.

There’s no news on when the paid DLC will be arriving but we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out. If you’ve yet to play The Long Dark you can pick it up on PC, Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch.

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