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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s BD-1 is Being Turned into a LEGO Model

LEGO Star Wars 75335 BD-1

A brand new LEGO bot from the world of Star Wars is on the way. And this time, it’s based on a character from a video game.

LEGO Star Wars 75335 BD-1 has been officially unveiled, with a release date of 1st August. Yes, that’s right: BD-1, as in Cal Kestis’ droid companion from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. This is actually the first LEGO set to be based on property from a Star Wars game.

It’s timely, since a sequel to the game, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, has just been announced.

You don’t have to wait until 1st August to order BD-1: it’s one of a few sets where LEGO has opened up pre-orders for. Priced at £89.99/$99.99, you can order it right now from LEGO’s website.

LEGO Star Wars BD-1 is made up of 1,062 pieces, and has an age rating of 14+. Despite not being an 18+ set, it does still come with a UCS-style information plaque, and will make for a fantastic display piece. It’s 12.5 inches tall, so roughly the same height as the much-more-expensive R2-D2 model. (Although we probably should note that a ‘real’ BD-1 is much smaller than an R2-D2 unit!)

LEGO Star Wars 75335 BD-1

BD-1 stands on two legs, which have posable joints. Its head can also be tilted backwards, forwards and sideways, allowing for it to be posed and personalised. It features authentic details, like a compartment to store stim canisters, and a translucent element on the back of the head which represents BD-1’s mood.

Pre-order LEGO Star Wars BD-1 from LEGO.com

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