Super Rare Mixtape Vol. 3 Bundles 30 Indie Games Onto One Cassette

Super Rare Mixtape Vol 3

Super Rare Games has released Super Rare Mixtape Vol 3., a Hulk-green cassette which features 30 indie games and 6 demos.

No, you’ve not stepped back in time to an era when you’d pop a game into a cassette deck and stand well back while it screeched at you. Super Rare’s Super Rare Mixtape, while packaged like a cassette tape, is actually a USB drive shaped like a cassette. But it’s undeniably cool and now Super Rare has put out its third tape in the series.

The tape features thirty indie games and while you could technically download them from or some other indie site, half the fun is just checking out the titles that Super Rare has selected. Unlike the old Shareware discs of old, this isn’t shovelware – the titles on offer have been carefully curated.

So what does this latest tape have on offer? And why is it the colour of mushy peas? We can’t answer the latter question, but we can confirm that the following full games are included:

After Midnight, birdsong, Bonkers, Commuting, Dank Tomb, Die in the Dungeon CLASSIC, Dink Smallwood HD, Estigma, Finterior Decorator, FurnCap, Gone Wandering, Hot Pot Panic, Inferna, It’s Paper Guy!, Jayce, liminal ranger, Only Cassette Coloring!, Palmystery, PEN GUNS, Pocketon Peak, RETICLE_STAR, Saucy Boy Adventures, Seaway, SHOTDOGS, Slide in the Woods, SpaceScape, Spectrum Valley, Tap Tricks, The Telwynium, and Ugby Mumba 3.

Dink Smallwood HD is especially worth a look – it’s an odd little RPG that’s blends humour with Diablo-style monster-murdering shenanigans. Published all the way back in 1998, the original is said to have inspired several developers, including BioWare, who gave the game a nod in their Baldur’s Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast expansion.

There are also developer audio commentaries, concept galleries and more. In the interest of full disclosure, we’ve purchased the previous two tapes and had a blast poking around their respective contents. Vol 1. also let us demo the excellent Grapple Dog, putting it firmly on our radar.

You can pick up Super Rare Mixtape Vol 3. right now; 2000 copies were initially available but it’s now down past the halfway point. Just don’t try rewinding it with a pencil, it won’t end well.