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The Dead Space Remake Now Has a January 2023 Release Date

Dead Space Remake

A recent behind-the-scenes video from developer Motive has revealed that Dead Space’s remake is arriving in January of next year.

Yes, it’s still a good eight months or so away, but we can wait. Besides which, we’ll have Starfield to occupy us and.. oh, never mind. In case you missed out on the announcement, the new Dead Space is set to recreate the original game, ignoring the unresolved events Dead Space 3 unless the game starts messing around with parallel universes.

Once again, you’ll play as Isaac Clarke, an engineer who, along with his equally unfortunate crewmates, is tasked with investigating an inactive “planet tracker” mining vessel. You discover that the ship is not, as it turns out, abandoned, and is infested by Necromorphs, creatures which.. you know what, we’ll let you discover the rest.

However, if you do want a more in-depth look at what’s in store, you can feast your eyes on the recent Art Developer Livestream, which is where the release date was reveal. It’s over an hour in length but it’s well worth watching, showing off some of the tricks and tweaks used to create tension in the player.

You can check out the livestream above, and get your hands on Dead Space when it lands on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC January 27th 2023.

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