Tropical Island Adventure Tchia Has Been Delayed Until 2023


Tchia’s latest trailer makes the island adventure seem even more appealing, illustrating the underwater shenanigans your character can get up to.

The bad news is that, lovely as it looks, the game’s release has been pushed back. Originally revealed at the 2020 Game Awards, it was set for a spring 2022 release. Tchia is now scheduled to release in 2023.

It’s a bit of a shame as we are looking forward to getting our hands on Tchia. It reminds us of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, except with a protagonist who has a personality. It’s being developed by Awaceb and, given that two of the founders hail from the New Caledonia group of islands, it should have an air of authenticity.

The trailer shows the ukulele-wielding protagonist plundering an underwater treasure chest, as well as stealing a giant pearl from a clam. We grew up with the now largely disproved notion that clams could trap pearl drivers, so this chunk of the trailer made us a bit nervous. Though given that Tchia‘s protagonist can use her instrument to take possession of any item, sentient or otherwise, she’d probably be okay.

According to an updated published to Twitter, the delay is to allow the team “to really polish every aspect of the game and flesh out all the little details”. Given how gorgeous the game looks now, we can live with a delay if helps Awaceb deliver a game that lives up to Tchia’s Pacific Island promise.

If all goes well, it’ll arrive on PS4, PS5 and PC, via the Epic Games Store, in early 2023. Check out its trailer below.