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Xbox Wireless Controllers Now Come in a Kirby-tastic Deep Pink

Xbox Controller Deep Pink

Microsoft have announced a Deep Pink Xbox Wireless Controller, making your controller a dead ringer for Kirby, Nintendo’s vaccum-mouthed mascot.

Why are we mentioning a character who, though adorable, has never graced an Xbox platform? Because with a name like “Deep Pink”, if we don’t talk about Kirby, this article is going to descend into a torrent of absolute filth.

Aside from the gorgeous colour, the Deep Pink wireless controller should deliver the same level of control, comfort and reliability as Microsoft’s other official controllers. And, aside from working with the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One X, the Deep Pink controller will work with PC and mobile devices.

So how do you get your hands on one? If you live in Europe, the bad news is that they’ve yet to reach those shores. You can, however, order them right now if you’re a resident of Canada or the United States, courtesy of the official Xbox store.

However, as cool as it looks from the front, we’re not entirely on board with the back of the controller being plain white; it just seems like an odd design decision. Still, there’s always the Xbox Design Lab if you want to fix that.

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