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Going Under - Games That Simulate Working in an Office

4 Video Games That Simulate Working in an Office

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“Have you tried turning it on and off?”

The one question we’ve all been asked if we’ve ever had to call IT support, and the one question anyone who has ever worked in IT support has asked, day in, day out. And, let’s face it, if you’ve ever worked in an office, then you’ve had to call IT. Those run-down office PCs die more often than we take unnecessary toilet breaks.

Whether you’re doing onsite IT support services, secretarial support or something else, working in an office is rarely fun. And yet, some of us crave the authoritarian organisation that comes with working in an office. So much so that there’s a bunch of video games that simulate the experience.

Oh yes, we’re not kidding! Below, we’ve rounded up four games that simulate working in an office. They may not all do it particularly seriously – and we’d wager that each and every one of them is way more fun than actually going to work in an office. Trust us, we did it ourselves for many years.

1. Say No, More

Say No! More

Say No, More is basically the office simulator of your dreams. It grants you a boring office job in a boring corporate office, but rather than asking you to diligently do the tasks given to you by your boss, it asks you to say NO. That’s it. That’s literally the whole game: saying no to anything your boss or co-workers ask you to do. It’s simple, it’s silly, and it’s a heck of a lot of fun. And it’s a reminder that we all need to hear, particularly in our working lives: sometimes it’s okay to say no.

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2. Going Under

Here’s another one of the best games that simulate working in an office, although the office in Going Under isn’t quite your typical office. At least, we hope it isn’t. You see, under the office building of tech brand Fizzle is a series of dungeons. And in those dungeons are the remains of many a failed tech start-up. Using PCs, chairs and whatever other office equipment you can get your hands on, you’ll have to bludgeon your way through enemies, progressing as far into the dungeons as you can. Not exactly what you’d expect from your first day in the office, but hey, endless photocopying would probably be less fun.

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3. The Office Quest

The Office Quest

A point and click game, The Office Quest couldn’t be further from portraying life in a typical office. You take on the role of an office worker who, at the end of  his tether, simply can’t take another day sat in the same stuffy office. The opportunity comes on a day when something bizarre happens, leading you out of the office into a magical world. Cue lots of humour, puzzles to solve, riddles to work your way through, and more.

4. Job Simulator

You’ll need a VR headset to be able to play Job Simulator, but if you have one, it’s worth it. Set in a world where robots have replaced all human jobs, you take the role of one of those robots, trying to learn how to ‘job’. Turns out it’s not as easy as those pesky humans made it look. Whether you’re working in an office, cooking in a restaurant or serving people at a convenience store, Job Simulator will see you make the most menial of tasks into utter hilarious chaos. We just love it.

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