A New Gotham Knights Trailer Shows Off Robin’s Tricks

Gotham Knights Robin

With Gotham Knights arriving this October, WB Games are giving us a closer look at the open-world action-RPG’s costumed crimefighters.

Batman is “dead”, so Gotham Knights tasks Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood and Bat Girl with putting down Gotham’s supervillains. A couple of weeks ago, Nightwing got his own character trailer, now it’s the turn of Robin. You know, Robin, right.. Tim Drake, swings a big stick around and.. er, that’s it, really.

Yes, as the trailer implies, having a Robin without a Batman is always going to be a little off, no matter how many solo comics Tim Drake has starred in. That’s, presumably, why WB Games has one out of their way to give Robin some distinctive combat abilities.

Yes, Robin can pummel people with a big stick but he’s also got several more sci-fi level abilities. He can project a holographic decoy which, despite being transparent and glowing, seems to fool a lot of hoods. He can also teleport across small distances and, going by one section of the trailer, he has access to some kind of Predator-style cloaking technology.

You can watch Robin in action above, watch 13 minutes of gameplay here and get your hands on Gotham Knights when it hits the PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC (via the Steam Store and Epic Games Store) on 25th October 2022.