Afterdream Promises Horror, Lucid Dreaming and Giant Heads


Afterdream, is an upcoming psychological horror game that plunges you into a haunting lucid dream.

In other words, spooky as things may be, the main character knows they’re dreaming. But does this make things better for them? Going by the trailer, probably not. There’s a deeply, deeply unsettling moment in there when a giant head descends from the corner which, if we knew we were dreaming, would be our cue to pinch ourselves and wake up.

But, no, despite an awareness of their current predicament, Afterdream’s protagonist is going to need your help, and the help of a strange camera, to escape their 2D world. The realm you explore – which takes the form of an otherworldly, puzzle-filled house – is also populated by ghosts, though they could be “real” ghosts or manifestations of your guilt.

If Afterdream looks a little familiar, it’s because it shares a similar aesthetic to Distraint and Distraint 2, also from creator Jesse Makkonen. We called the latter game an “emotional, life-affirming gem”, a direct contrast to Distraint’s misery, but we’ll have to wait a while to find out whether Afterdream’s ending will have us hugging our cat or blubbing in the corner.

Afterdream will arrive this March 15th on PC, via Steam, though given that Makkonen’s previous games, including 2020’s Heal, also ended up on console we wouldn’t be surprised if this title followed suit. In the meantime, you can check out the trailer above or wishlist it on Steam.