Here Are All the PS5 Games Included in PlayStation Plus Extra (US)

Returnal PS5 games on PlayStation Plus Extra

Sony’s PlayStation Plus service has launched in the US of A today, and if you were wondering what PS5 games were included in its Extra and Premium tiers, you’ve come to the right place.

Over 30 native PS5 games are included in the service right now, making it quite alluring for PS5 owners wishing to bulk out their library. And remember, the PS4 games also included in the service – of which there are many more – can also be downloaded and played on PS5 thanks to backwards compatibility. Most of them will look and play better on PS5, too.

So, what PS5 games are included in the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium tiers in the US, and presumably the UK, too, when it launches? Take a look at the list below. We’ve also put in handy links to reviews or impressions of the games if we have them.