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Among Us VR’s Latest Trailer Definitely isn’t Suss

Among Us VR

Among Us VR’s latest trailer has us grinning so much our faces hurt.

We expressed our enthusiasm for the multiplayer murder-em-up’s VR incarnation when it was revealed back in September. Like the original, which only became really popular when streamers picked up on it, it sees you playing as either a Crewmate or an Impostor.

The former have to complete tasks and root out the Impostor, while the Impostor has to kill off the Crewmates. However, the real game changer that Among US VR promises to deliver is that murders can take place behind your own back.

Last time we talked about having to watch you don’t get murdered but this new trailer underlines that it’s entirely possible for you to be pottering away on a task and then have someone commit a murder while you’re not looking.

Just imagine, you turn around, task completed to your satisfaction, only to spot a corpse in front of you. Among Us’s 2D viewpoint meant you could, unless you were really, really, distracted, see murders taking place in the same room. But now, you could just stumble across a corpse or still be working on a task when someone else comes in to report the body. Just try proclaiming your innocence and see how far that gets you.

Among Us VR is set for a Holiday 2022 release and will be coming to Meta Quest 2 and Steam. You can wishlist it on Steam here or feast your eyes on the above trailer.

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