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Check Out These Upgraded Xbox Gamerpics

New Gamer Pics

Microsoft has reimagined some of their classic Gamerpics, making them prettier and shinier than ever.

Long before Xbox Avatars were a thing, you’d use Gamerpics to help customise your online profile. And, in the days of the Xbox 360, they were pretty handy. They still are, in fact, but if you look at the original Xbox 360 Gamerpics on a 4K screen, they’re not nearly as impressive.

But by re-rendering and re-releasing some classic Gamerpics, Microsoft has made them a lot more palatable at higher resolutions. On top of that, there are handful of new, nearly as striking Gamerpics, now available to anyone with an Xbox profile.

Take the cartoon picture of a boy blowing bubblegum – that’s been upgraded to a 3D render of the same digital child. That’s not to say the new designs are being forced on anyone, you can still stick with the old pictures. In fact, you can bypass Gamerpics entirely and just use a snapshot of your avatar’s face.

But given it’s been 20 years since the Xbox was released globally, it’s another neat nod to the console’s history. Speaking of which, if you haven’t already checked out the company’s documentary about the infamous Red Ring of Death, it’s a must-watch.

The Gamerpics are available right now (for free) and can be accessed by editing your Xbox profile through PC or console.

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