Core Keeper’s The Sunken Sea Update Arrives This Week

Core Keeper Sunken Sea Update

Core Keeper’s The Sunken Sea update, coming this Wednesday, introduces a whole new biome to the Early Access adventure.

That’s good news, right? Mostly, yes. We absolutely loved Core Keeper’s blend of exploration and crafting, calling it a “.. must play for fans of Terraria and Stardew Valley.” It leaves you to your own devices but there’s so much see, do and find that you’ll never get bored.

The Sunken Sea is the game’s first major content update and lets you roam a new realm with islands to explore and massive bodies of water to plunge into. You can equip yourself with a bubble gun and armour, just in case any of the new aquatic enemies don’t take too kindly to you invading your home.

On top of that, even if you don’t so much as dip a toe in the water, The Sunken Sea will add a range of new base-building items to the game. You can now craft sprinklers to keep your crops automatically watered, warp across the world using portals and much more.

However, we’d be lying if we weren’t also a little unsettled by this update. According to developer Pugstorm and publisher Fireshine Games, it’ll also pit you against “Omoroth the Sea Titan” and “Morpha the Aquatic Mass”, both of which sound disturbingly Lovecraftian. For a start, we’re not sure how much use a bubble gun is going to be against Core Keeper’s pixel-art Cthulhu. And if someone told us there was an aquatic mass lurking off the coast, we’d book our ticket to Nebraska, America’s most landlocked state.

Still, if you’re prepared to risk the slimy, otherworldly entities that may or may not lurk in The Sunken Sea’s depths, the update will arrive on PC this June 15th. And if you’ve yet to pick Core Keeper up, you can purchase its Steam Early Access incarnation here.