Dead by Daylight: Roots of Dread, Out Now, Lets The Dredge Loose

Dead by Daylight Roots of Dread

Dead by Daylight: Roots of Dread, out now, adds a hardy new survivor and horrifying new killer to the asymmetric multiplayer slash-em-up.

We first got wind of Roots of Dread, the latest Dead by Daylight chapter, when developer Behaviour Interactive unveiled its road map for the now six-year-old title. The game has been receiving regular content over the course of those six years, including some famous killers such as Michael Myers and Pinhead.

The Dredge, this chapter’s new killer, isn’t anywhere near as famous but they’re definitely disturbing. An gruesome mess of claw, bone and flesh, this beast has the power to turn day into night, making it harder for the survivors to see it coming and, as you might expect, can maul opponents and impale them on the game’s trademark hooks.

But that’s not the best bit. Survivors have previously been able to hide in lockers, with the risk that a killer will find them; this mechanic still applies, but The Dredge can teleport between lockers meaning that you could swing open a door, intending to hide, but find yourself grabbed by The Dredge. Nasty.

The new survivor, Haddie Kaur, is “one of the only Survivors truly equipped to face off Killers.” Can she kill them? No. But we’re intrigued by the prospect of a survivor who can actually stop the killer in their tracks and even force them back, instead of having to run.

You can step into Haddie’s shoes or control the dire Dredge right now. However, while Dead by Daylight is free on Game Pass, the Roots of Dread content isn’t. But, priced at around £5, it shouldn’t break the bank.

Dead by Daylight, along with the Roots of Dread DLC, is available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, Nintendo Switch and Stadia.

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