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Disgaea 6 Complete Takes a Switch Exclusive and Makes it Better

We really liked Disgaea 6 when it launched exclusively on Switch last year. But it’s simply better on PlayStation consoles and PC.

Once again presenting players with a new protagonist, we quickly warmed to Zed, a zombie determined to take down the God of Destruction. You can read our review of the Switch version right here, but the gist is there was just one thing about Disgaea 6 that disappointed us, and that was you had to choose between having decent picture quality or smooth performance.

You see, for the first time in the series, Disgaea 6 is fully rendered in 3D rather than using sprites for its characters. It means that developer Nippon Ichi Software can get a bit more lively with the camera angles, and produce more cinematic scenes in-game. But the Switch, well, it just couldn’t quite do it justice.

That’s not a worry now that Disgaea 6 is available on PlayStation consoles and PC. We’ve been playing the PS5 version of Disgaea 6 and are happy to report that its Quality / Performance graphics mode toggle is now pretty much redundant. No matter which mode you select, you get ultra sharp visuals and rock solid performance.

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It’s a bit of a controversial change, bringing Disgaea’s characters into the world of 3D, but  with more grunt than the Switch can muster behind it, it really works. These character models may be 3D, but their bold, flat colours generally give them the appearance of 2D sprites, keeping the visual style of the series intact. But now special attacks can be a bit more special as the camera can move around more to show them off.

The best thing about Disgaea 6 being on PlayStation consoles and PC, though, is that it’s the complete edition. The season pass for Disgaea 6 includes lots of pieces of DLC that series fans will absolutely adore. There’s a wealth of additional stages, for example, and completing them will allow you to add fan favourite characters such as Loharl and Adell to your party.

On top of that, you’ll find other additional characters, as well as powerful pieces of equipment and other resources to boost your campaign or get you started with an advantage. And you’re not forced to bring all thing things into play from the outset, either. Every piece of additional content can be activated at your pleasure, allowing you to have complete control over your experience.

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Basically, then, Disgaea 6 Complete is the ultimate version of the game. A treat for those who have waited for it to arrive on formats where it can really shine. Granted, some will find fault with the reduced number of character classes available, but there’s still plenty here to entertain series fans. Plus, grinding has been made easier than ever thanks to a new auto-battle option.

So, whether you’re a series fan or a newcomer looking for a good entry point, Disgaea 6 Complete is well worth checking out. It looks great, it’s fairly accessible, it’s packed with content, and it’s simply fun to play. What more could you want from a turn-based strategy RPG?

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