Escape Simulator’s Steampunk DLC is a Retro-Futuristic Joy

Escape Simulator Steampunk DLC

Escape Simulator’s Steampunk DLC delivers the kind of retro-futuristic puzzle-solving shenanigans you’d normally have to go to Leamington Spa for.

Yes, that is awfully specific, but if you’re a steampunk aficionado with a taste for escape rooms, your choices are (in the UK, at least), head over to Leamington Spa or, far more conveniently, fire up Escape Simulator and dive into its recently-released Steampunk DLC.

Escape Simulator is, in its own right, a lot of fun and sports multiple themed escape rooms. But as someone with an appreciation for the steampunk aesthetic, I was champing at the bit to delve into the DLC’s four rooms.

Because, unlike some titles where steampunk feels like an afterthought, Escape Simulator’s Steampunk DLC does more than just glue gears on the regular game. The four escape rooms can be accessed in any order, though ideally you should play them sequentially, and place you aboard an ailing zeppelin.

Between the faintly unsettling music, the ever-present timer and the flames spewing out of the engine room, there’s a definite sense of urgency to your endeavours.

I’m happy to report that you can fling objects around as you see fit or shove them into your bottomless pockets which helps you remember just which items you’ve toyed with.

And believe me, you will be doing a lot of object-meddling. Whether you’re interpreting Morse code, manipulating valves or poking around for a pair of fingerless gloves, there’s plenty to do. Hints are available too, although (possibly because I tackled the DLC first) I pressed the hint button without knowing what I was doing.

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But while some of the puzzles are genuinely challenging, they manage to avoid being screen-punchingly frustrating. If you’re a newcomer to escape rooms, you may be a little put out by the fact that the puzzles aren’t presented to you in order; it’s up to you to work out which one to tackle first.

Escape Simulator Steampunk DLC

I completed two out of the four rooms and, ignoring the fact I’d covered the floor in broken plant pots and other debris, felt smugly satisfied with myself. Even when I was scratching my head, being surrounded by all these steampunk trappings made me smile.

I was tackling the content solo, but Escape Simulator supports multiplayer. Working as a team will, I suspect, make the experience even more entertaining.

Even if you don’t have a heart of clockwork, when you factor in the cost of a real-life escape room, its £3.99/$4.99 price is an absolute steal. And if you do love steampunk, you’ll fall head over heals for these atmospheric brain-scratchers.

Escape Simulator’s Steampunk DLC is £3.99/$4.99. A 10% discount is available if you purchase before 15th June. You’ll need the Escape Simulator base game to play, priced at £11.99/$14.99. Both are available on Steam.