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F1 22 Preview: Hands On With the Material F1 Life

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If you’re the type of person that likes to show off via their in-game avatar, you’re going to like the new F1 Life mode coming to F1 22.

While F1 22 unfortunately doesn’t have a story mode, it does have a new social hub where players can show off their valuable possessions and creativity. Called F1 Life, some may find it totally unnecessary. Others, though, may relish the opportunity to give their in-game avatars the very best lives, and show them off to others.

Jump into F1 Life in F1 22, and you’ll find it encompasses multiple features. Enter the customisation menu, for example, and you can become a stylist, putting together both casual and race attires for your avatar. To begin with you’ll have limited options, but by progressing in the game you’ll be able to unlock more gear, enabling you to make your avatar even more unique.

It’s not just your avatar you can customise though; your personal space can be given your personal touch too. Everything from furniture to wall art can be changed, allowing you to express yourself. It’s just a shame you can’t freely move around your space when you’re done. Instead, you’re just given peeks at various areas whenever you’re in the F1 Life menus.

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Outside of customising your avatar and your personal space, F1 Life is also the place where you’ll unlock supercars, which can then be displayed in a number of bays. Unlocking supercars isn’t that hard of a task, either. You’ll unlock tokens by simply driving; cover a set number of miles in either F1 or F2 vehicles or supercars and you’ll unlock a token. With that token you can unlock any of the eight supercars included as standard, with models from manufacturers including Ferrari, Mercedes-AMG and McLaren.

F1 22 F1 Life

Not every feature found in F1 Life is entirely new, however. Things such as the virtual showroom, the theatre where you watch replays, and the trophy cabinet where you can display and rearrange your, er, trophies, should all be familiar. But there is one final aspect of F1 Life that is fresh: the ability for others to take a perusal at your space, and you theirs. Your space will even serve as a lobby for multiplayer events, allowing your achievements and wealth to be seen by all.

Is F1 Life a feature that will make F1 22 a must-buy? Not in our opinion, no. It doesn’t really add anything of worth, just the ability to showboat. But some might enjoy being able to express themselves. In any case, it’s just one small facet of F1 22, and the improvements elsewhere, including improved physics and the introduction of new features such as the sprint race format, are sure to draw Formula One fans in and make them happy.

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