Fan-Mod Fallout: London Now Has a 2023 Release Window

Fallout London

Fallout: London, a fan-mod which relocates Fallout 4’s post-apocalyptic action to Britain, is set to arrive on PC next year.

Admittedly, by the time Fallout: London arrives, its post-apocalyptic world may actually be more hospitable than the post-Brexit hellscape the real-life country is turning into. But we’re still dying to get our hands on it, and have been ever since it was announced last year.

It’s a DLC-sized mod which means that a) it requires the original Fallout 4 and b) it won’t be as massive as that title. But it will sport a completely new landscape – a slice of post-apocalyptic London – new weapons, quests and more. What’s particularly interesting is that, as the FAQ points out, many of the trappings of Fallout 4 – Deathclaws, Vault-Tec Vaults etc, won’t have reached the United Kingdom’s shores.

The latest trailer, which you can view below, paints a gloomy but undeniably British picture of Fallout: London’s streets, complete with glimpses of several recognisable landmarks. There’s no news as to whether you’ll run into Feral Ghoul Queen Elizabeth, but with Zombi lacking a flesh-eating monarch, we’re hoping Fallout: London will deliver.

Fallout: London is being crafted by volunteers so it’s understandable that we don’t have a more precise date than 2023; people are giving their time up to work on this project. It’s set to arrive on PC and, in theory, it could be ported to the Xbox One/Series X|S. But given that the PlayStation 4 version of Fallout 4 only allows modders to use existing in-game assets, there’s no chance it’ll grace that platform.

You can find out more about Fallout: London from from the official site and follow the team on Twitter for further developments. And if you’re prepared to risk spoilers, there’s a fantastic in-depth Twitch interview to feast your eyes on.