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Gaming Gifts To Buy Your Dad This Father’s Day

Father's Day Gaming Gift Ideas
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

It’s Father’s Day coming up, and if you’re anything like us, you have no idea what to buy your dad. After all, what do you buy a man who has everything?

He already has the coolest kid, right, so what more could he want? Or at least, that’s what we’re telling ourselves. If your dad is a gamer, or likes to dabble in video games and tech, hopefully we can help you out with some great ideas for Father’s Day gifts.

From dad-friendly games to console accessories and peripherals, or even stuff to make gaming on his phone easier, we’ve rounded up some of the best Father’s Day gifts we could find. Treat your pa to something on this list, and it’s sure to go down a storm.

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Father’s Day is Sunday 19th June. Here are our picks of the best gaming-related Father’s Day gifts to buy your dad. You can find more gift ideas by clicking here.

Nintendo Switch accessories

Does your dad have a Nintendo Switch? We’ve rounded up some of the best Nintendo Switch accessories. From cases to controllers, these are must-haves for anyone who uses a Switch regularly.

We’ve select a couple of cases from PowerA, which come highly rated by us. They offer great protection alongside additional storage for cartridges. And they have foam inserts too, making them suitable for Switch Lite and a regular Switch. Or there’s the huge DEVASO Carrying Case where dad can store just about everything Switch-related, and feel like some sort of hitman when he unpacks it all.

Other highlights are the 8Bitdo retro controller; take your dad back to his youth with a NES-styled controller. Or the PowerA Enhanced Wireless controller will offer a much more premium experience.

PlayStation 5 accessories

If your dad is lucky enough to own a PlayStation 5, we’ve found some PS5 accessories that will make excellent Father’s Day gifts.

We couldn’t survive without an official DualSense charging station, a must-have if dad has more than one controller. And if he doesn’t have a second controller, how about buying him a different-coloured DualSense? That way, you can take him on at his favourite games!

If you’ve got a larger budget, a NVMe SSD to allow your dad to expand his PS5’s internal memory will be just about the best gift you can buy this Father’s Day. The SK Hynix Platinum P41 comes in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB varieties and comes highly recommended.

Xbox accessories

For your Xbox owning dad, we’ve found some must-have accessories which will make great Father’s Day gifts. A second controller is always an option, and there’s so many to choose from. If you want an official Microsoft product, we love the limited edition 20th Anniversary controller. Though for added luxury, we love the PowerA Fusion Pro controller.

If your dad has an Xbox Series X or S, how about a storage expansion card? They’re a little on the pricey side, but a must-have accessory (and a winning Father’s Day gift).

Mobile gaming accessories

We don’t know about you, but our dads are always gaming on their phones. We’ve rounded up some Father’s Day gift ideas to make mobile gaming easier and more enjoyable.

One mobile gaming accessory we can’t live without is a good controller. There are several to choose from, all of which we love. There’s the Razer Kishi, the GameSir X2 and the RIG MG-X. The latter is designed with Xbox cloud gaming in mind, so ideal if your dad has a Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

A good headset or pair of earbuds is also essential when it comes to mobile gaming, so we’ve included a couple of options there.

Games That Will Make Great Father’s Day Gifts

Whatever format your dad games on, we’ve rounded up some of the best games that we think will make great Father’s Day gifts. We’ve tried to include a cross-section of genres here, so whatever your dad is into, you’ll hopefully find something that suits.

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