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Final Fantasy VII Prequel Crisis Core is Being Remastered

Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core

Crisis Core, or Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII to give it its full title, is being remastered for PC and consoles.

This new version will have another title, Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunion, though unlike the recently announced Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, it’s not a remake. Instead, Square Enix has taken the original, which only ever saw the light of day on the PlayStation Portable, and spruced it up for current and new generation consoles.

The action-RPG casts you as Zack Fair, a character who ties into the original Final Fantasy VII and, in some respects, the remake. It takes place seven years before the original Final Fantasy VII and, instead of making you a rebel/freedom fighter, casts you as a member of a Shinra-backed paramilitary organisation.

Aside from asking “Are we the baddies?”, you’ll also be hunting for a missing member of SOLDIER, the group you work for, and bumping into a familiar character or two. All the models, textures and so forth have been converted to HD and, on top of that, the game will be fully voiced, with a rearranged soundtrack.

Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunion is set to arrive on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC (via Steam) and Nintendo Switch this winter, with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth following the winter after.

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