Flashback, the Original Platforming Classic, is Free on GOG


With Flashback 2 on the way, there’s no better time to dive into the 2D platform-hopping original and, thanks to GOG, you can grab it for free.

And, yes, we do mean the original. The 2013 remake of the 1992 original isn’t abysmal, but dropping the rotoscoped graphics in favour of more conventional animation, it definitely loses some charm.

Flashback sees you stranded on an alien planet with no memory of who you are and how you got there. Naturally, there’s a vast conspiracy involved and it’s up to you to help your protagonist unravel it. You’ll die – a lot – but nailing a perfectly timed jump or dropping to the ground an annihilating an enemy before they can blink is one hell of a rush.

So how do you grab this 90s classic? You’ll need a GOG account, though you can create one for free. Then, go to GOG’s site, and claim your copy of Flashback, which is yours to keep. The catch is that you’ve got just over two days to claim it, after that it’s back to its regular £2.99 price.

As for Flashback 2? It’s been in the works for a while and is being developed by Paul Cuisset, creator of the original Flashback. There was a good year of radio silence but, at this month’s Summer Game Fest, we finally got a teaser trailer. You can feast your eyes on Flashback 2’s trailer here and, if all goes to plan, it should arrive this Winter.