Gex is the 90s Saturday Morning Cartoon We Never Got

Gex Animated Series

What if Gex the Gecko had his own 90s cartoon? That’s a question no-one asked but we’re glad one YouTuber decided to provide the answer.

In case you missed Gex’s debut, or you just weren’t alive during the 90s, we’ll shed a little light on the lizard. Gex the Gecko was one of several mascot-style characters who sprung to life during that era, serving as Crystal Dynamics’ attempt to out-Mario Mario.

He achieved a middling degree of success, starring in three titles, before disappearing into obscurity. Every now and then, someone suggests there’s a new Gex game in the works-  last year, it was reported that Square Enix had filed a trademark for GEX, though we’ve heard nothing since.

There was also a failed IndieGoGo campaign here, which raised a grand total of £0. We suspect it was shut down very quickly after someone pointed out that Gex is a copyrighted character and can’t automatically be appropriated by fans for their own works.

But now, thanks to FlippinDingDong, we’ve got a glimpse at what a Gex cartoon series could have been like, complete with wonky VHS tracking. Yes, it’s only two minutes long but it so amazingly authentic, complete with jokes that will adults will get but which go over kids heads.

Just watching it is like being transported back to the 90s; we can almost imagine the adverts for terrible, terrible products that we’d talk our parents into buying. Yes, we’re looking at you, Sega Mega CD.

You can take a peek at this work of art above, or check out FlippingDingDong’s channel here.