Go Behind the Scenes With Machine Strike, the Horizon Forbidden West Mini-Game

Horizon Forbidden West Machine Strike

Guerrilla Games have explained the creation of Machine Strike game, seen in Horizon Forbidden West, and we almost wish we hadn’t read their musings.

It’s not that the piece, penned by Guerrilla’s community lead, Bo de Vries, is terribly written. In fact, it’s a great article, and it offers genuine insight in the Horizon Forbidden West mini-game.

Like The Witcher 3’s Gwent and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic’s Pazaak, Machine Strike can be played at various locations across the world. You can learn it at Chainscrape, the first big settlement but, be warned, once you’ve got into it it’s really hard to let go. Yes, Aloy’s meant to be saving the world but there are Machine Strike champions to beat, dammit!

The piece explains how Guerilla created a game that not only reflects the world that spawned it (it sees you pitting machines against each other) but actually feels like it’s something that an in-world artisan would create.

“All the pieces had to look appealing without being too connected to any particular tribe, as this game is played by a wide variety of the Forbidden West’s inhabitants — whether it’s an Oseram tinkerer or a battle-hardened Tenakth,” explains Concept Artist Christian Auer.

We can just imagine someone heading out into Horizon Forbidden West’s world, harvesting the wood and scrap necessary to craft these and spending hours lovingly manufacturing a set. The whole article makes for a very cool and hugely informative piece – you can check it out here.

So why do we half-wish we hadn’t read this? Because now we want a game-authentic Machine Strike set. Yes, you can purchase a Horizon Zero Dawn board game but it’s not the same. We’ve actually started looking at 3D printers to see if we could print one ourselves, though we suspect the cost would be prohibitive. Maybe some enterprising person could use Kickstarter to make Machine Strike a reality – they wouldn’t be able to take our money fast enough.

In the meantime, we’ll have to dive back into Horizon Forbidden West to get our Machine Strike fix. And if you’re on the fence as to whether to explore Aloy’s world, check out our review here.