How to Unlock Death Rewind in The Quarry

You might have heard about The Quarry’s ‘Death Rewind’ feature, essentially giving you arcade-style lives. But how do you unlock it? Read on.

Death Rewind is a brand new feature for The Quarry, something that has never appeared in a title from Supermassive Games before. With the fate of the game’s characters in your hand, the decisions you make will determine whether they live or die. Normally, you have to live with the fate of your characters. But thanks to the new system, you have a chance to save some of your characters. The question is: how do you unlock Death Rewind in The Quarry?

Death Rewind gives you three ‘extra lives’ so to speak. If a character dies, you’ll be asked if you want to use a life to try and save that character. There’s no guarantee you’ll be able to save them, but it gives you an opportunity to make different choices, or retry a quick time event, hopefully changing their fate. But if you have the standard version of the game, it won’t be available to you right away.

With the standard version of The Quarry, you need to have completed the game once before Death Rewind becomes available to you. That means during your first playthrough, you won’t have the opportunity to save anyone who ends up dying.

But once you’ve played through it, Death Rewind will be available in any subsequent games you start.

And if you happen to have the Deluxe version of The Quarry, Death Rewind will be unlocked right from the start. Is it worth buying the Deluxe edition of the game just for that? Probably not, but it’s a nice extra.

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