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Killing Floor 2’s Tidal Terror Update Adds an Infested Oil Rig

Killing Floor 2 Tidal Terror

Killing Floor 2’s Tidal Terror update adds a new free map, Rig, and it’s making us nervous just thinking about it.

No, we’re not talking about the monsters the multiplayer squad shooter will send against you, though they’re terrifying enough. At least Killing Floor 2: Tidal Terror will give you a handful of weapons to fend them off with including a shrink ray and a shotgun/crossbow mash-up.

What’s disturbing about Rig, is that it’s set on an oil-rig. Sure, everyone thinks it’d be great to, the moment the dead rise, head over to an oil rig and wait out the apocalypse. And, for a while, we thought the same. But these things have a two-digit lifespan and while Killing Floor 2 hasn’t implemented this feature, we keep imagining the oil rig collapsing mid-fight, as the ocean reclaims it.

Aside from this new map and handful of weapons, the Tidal Terror update adds a diving suit costume, new Rig-based objectives and various quality of life improvements. Not all the content is free, however. As detailed over the game’s Steam page, some of the weapons, including the shrink ray, are paid DLC.

Killing Floor 2: Tidal Terror is out right now. If you haven’t tackled the main game (which also supports single player and is required to play the map) you can pick it up on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. It’s also discounted across all digital stores, with a massive 75% off on Steam, making it £4.99.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to pick out a zombie refuge that won’t plunge us into a watery abyss.

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