Loud Rocks Onto Switch and PC Next Month


Loud, a rhythm game adventure which casts you as a budding teenage guitarist, is set for a PC and console release.

Your protagonist, Astrid, is unhappy with her humdrum, suburban existence and sees the electric guitar as her one chance to escape that life. Don’t count on her going interplanetary, a la The Artful Escape, but under your guidance, she could have a chance at stardom.

It sounds more than a little like Guitar Hero, perhaps the most famous guitar-based rhythm game. There are, however, a few differences between the two. Firstly, you don’t need a plastic guitar to hit the right notes in Loud, it’s just a matter of timing and reflexes. Secondly, it’s set to sport more of a story than Harmonix’s now dormant rhythm-game series.

Also, you won’t be jamming to actual “real”, licenced songs; instead, the fourteen “pop-punk” tunes you’ll belt out have been specially written for the game. We were, initially, a little disappointed by this news but the more we think about it the less it matters. Sure, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock came with 73 songs, but there were maybe ten we wanted to play on a regular basis.

Besides which, there’s something appealing about Astrid’s quest, even though our knee-jerk reaction was to dismiss it as an angst-fuelled teenage dream. The more we rewatch the trailer, the more uplifting the whole endeavour seems.

Loud is set for a PC and console release, landing on PC and Nintendo Switch this July 15th, with Xbox and PlayStation versions to follow later. You can check out the above trailer or wishlist the PC version on Steam.