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Moo Lander

Moo Lander is a Zany Metroidvania Filled With Milk

Imagine a universe where milk is the most important source of fuel. You can’t? Well, you don’t need to: Moo Lander does it for you.

Released last month on consoles and PC, Moo Lander is a side-scrolling Metroidvania-style adventure that sees you exploring a mysterious planet in a space ship. Your protagonist is the ship’s pilot and, with the help of his on-board AI, he’s tasked with sourcing a rumoured infinite milk supply.

Of course, such a supply is going to be heavily guarded. And the planet you find yourself on is filled with various enemies, all set to destroy you and ruin your day. The good news is your ship is rather manoeuvrable, allowing you to quickly dart out of the way of attacks. And as you play, you’ll unlock a variety of defensive and offensive skills. What do you need to power them? Milk, of course.

This clearly isn’t a game that takes itself seriously – after all, you’re looking for a powerful milk supply. And there’s plenty of humour injected into Moo Lander via the dialogue between your pilot and his ship’s AI. It’s just a shame that the voice acting leaves a little to be desired, but it’s not the worst.

Unlike your typical Metroidvania, Moo Lander‘s primary concern isn’t combat. Rather, you’ll be solving various puzzles in order to traverse the environment. Maybe you’ll need to activate a switch in order to open a door, or you’ll need to lure a vine to grab a rock in order to clear a path.

These puzzles are mostly enjoyable but they do get a little bit tougher as you progress. A pointer here and there wouldn’t go amiss; we’ve found ourselves at what feels like a dead end more than once, which interrupts the flow of the game somewhat.

New skills for your ship are doled out rather slowly, so you’ll need to be patient until you start feeling like you’re equipped for the threats that face you. Bosses require you to use your skills as well as your wits to defeat them, and each one will need a completely different tactic.

Even taking down your run-of-the-mill mutant cow (oh yes, there are plenty of those) is going to require a measured approach. You can’t simply spray and pray your way through Moo Lander; strategy and planning is key.

It’s a great-looking game, and the planet you find yourself on is beautifully designed, if not far too hostile for our liking. Dangerous vines litter the walls and traps are everywhere, so you need to pay close attention to where you’re travelling. If you do die, though, you’re never going to lose too much progress thanks to generously-placed checkpoints.

If you’re a Metroidvania fan, you should consider checking Moo Lander out. It’s not going to set your world on fire, but it is going to cover it in milk. That sheer bizarreness alone makes it worth your time.

Moo Lander is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

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