Out Today on Consoles, REDO! is an Interesting Side-Scrolling Adventure


Out today on PlayStation, Xbox and Switch, REDO! promises to be an evocative adventure about exploring a dystopian world.

It certainly has some promise. Its pixel art is simply beautiful, and its world begs to be explored. But playing as a young girl with only a melee weapon to her name to begin with, learning the ropes in REDO! isn’t always so easy.

You’re not given much direction, for one. Not that it’s a bad thing, mind, but you’re left to figure out what the heck is going on by yourself. You’ll tentatively move from area to area, forever unsure of what’s waiting for you. You’re probably going to wander into an area where you’re faced with enemies far stronger than you are. “Should I be here at this point?”, you’ll ask yourself. Maybe not. And so you’ll backtrack, looking for a new path to take; an opportunity to grow a little stronger.

As interesting as REDO!‘s world is to explore, it’s not the easiest to get around. Your character moves rather slowly, and pushing the left stick to control her feels laborious at best. Jumping can be tricky, too, and you’re likely to frequently miss a platform, falling into danger below. There’s no fall damage, thankfully, but there may well be an enemy or dangerous electrified pit waiting below. This is a world filled with dangers, after all.

Taking all of this into consideration, then, your progress early on in REDO! is likely to be slow-going. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief each time you stumble upon a check point – they’re not as frequent as we’d like – knowing that your progress is, thankfully, saved. Because you will undoubtedly end up backtracking time and time again; each time you die you’ll respawn at the last checkpoint.

But persevere, and there’s an interesting adventure lying at the heart of REDO!. Make your way through its dark but intriguing world, and there are upgrades aplenty for you; early on you’ll find a basic gun and a riot shield; both necessary to progress further and get past some of the early game’s tougher enemies. But most of all, you’ll need patience and practice. You’ll eventually learn the moves of each enemy type, knowing when to duck and when to attack.

With each tiny step of progress you’ll make, you’ll feel a sense of achievement, and the more you push through REDO!‘s world, the more you’ll want to find out about it. It’s available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Switch, costing £9.99/$9.99. It’s a fair asking price for a tough but intriguing game.