PUBG Mobile Has Joined Forces With The Great British Teddy Bear Company

PUBG Mobile Teddy Bear

PUBG Mobile, the on-the-go incarnation of the popular battle royale game, will let you sport your very own teddy bear. You know, while you’re murdering people.

It’s not a collaboration we ever, ever thought we’d be writing about but, thanks to a team-up between The Great British Teddy Bear Company and PUBG Studios, you can equip your PUBG Mobile character with a teddy bear.

We’re not just talking about any teddy bears either; you can get your hands on an in-game version of The Great British Teddy Bear Company’s Robin Hood Teddy Bear and Sherlock Holmes Teddy Bear as in-game buddies. On top of that, there’s also a special PUBG Teddy Bear, wearing a signature welding helmet and black tie.

Being buddies, they won’t actively participate in the slaughter, which is a little disappointing; we’d pay good money to see Teddy Bear Sherlock beating someone to death with a frying pan. But we suspect The Great British Teddy Bear Company would object to seeing one of their bears covered in blood and offal, murder in their eyes.

There’s also an in-game event, running until July 22nd, where you can gather cotton to craft bears which, in turn, will let you earn digital rewards. It should prove an interesting pursuit, though how much you can accomplish while dodging bullets is another question entirely.

All in all, it’s not the strangest product deal we’ve encountered, though it’s certainly up there. We have our fingers crossed that The Great British Teddy Bear Company will make a “real” PUBG Teddy Bear and that we’ll be able to snap one up before they end up on eBay at £250 a throw. And if they don’t? Well, we’ll just have to grin and bear it.