Sonic Frontiers’ Trailer Shows Seven Minutes of Gameplay

Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers’ trailer, courtesy of IGN, shows the blue streak roaming and running around a mysterious island.

That’s it, really. And, given that Sonic Frontiers is Sega’s big hope for a not-awful 3D Sonic the Hedgehog game, it’s not really set our world on fire. Granted, this is just an early trailer and with no solid release date, Sega could, potentially, spend as much time on this 3D outing as they want to.

The trailer certainly could have been shorter. It has Sonic using his powers to take on enemies, shove a few puzzle statues around, climb and race up the side of a ruin and so on but, during that seven minutes, there’s also an awful lot of wandering.

It reveals that Sonic has found himself stranded on the strange island which is indeed, giving us big Breath of the Wild vibes. You can reasonably assume that Doctor Robotnik will turn up at some point, though the foes featured in the trailer didn’t have his trademark aesthetic.

We can definitely see what Sega is going for, though we hope that, once you’ve got past this initial island area, you get to explore some more varied locales. Exploration wasn’t a big part of the 2D Sonic the Hedgehog games – what made them so appealing was the wild, whacky levels and the set-ups that all but forced you to go faster. Giving Sonic the time to.. er, take his time, doesn’t feel like Sonic.

Hopefully this is early days for game and Sega can spin Sonic Frontiers into something really special. But right now, we’re not exactly feeling the rush.