Stuntfest – World Tour Will Blend Racing with Woefully Unsafe Stunts

Stuntfest World Tour

Announced today, Stuntfest – World Tour resembles the secret lovechild of Wreckfest and Saints Row’s Insurance Fraud activities.

Despite the “fest”, it’s not developed by Wreckfest developer Bugbear, even though THQ Nordic also published that title. Instead, it’s the work of Pow Wow Entertainment, who previously developed free-to-play sandbox game Misbits. But it promises to be as chaotic, if not more so than the former title.

It will pit 18 players against each other (there’s no word of a single-player mode as yet), challenging them to pull off the most ludicrous stunts, both on and off the track. Wingsuits figure into the chaos, as do portable jet packs and more.

Yes, you can smash cars into each other but you can also eject from your car and smack into a wall-mounted mattress.

And, like Saints Row’s Insurance Fraud activities, Stuntfest – World Tour will let you retain control of your character after they’ve been launched into the air, so you can slam them into  multiple objects to maximise your stunt points. Then you climb back in a car, drive around and do it all over again with a different challenge.

Yes, it sounds very, very silly, and we’re certainly curious as to how Pow Wow is going to make skill a serious factor, because being eliminated through pure bad luck doesn’t seem like much fun.

There’s no release date other than later this year, but you can feast your eyes on Stuntfest – World Tour’s trailer above.

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