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The 10 Most Popular Mobile Games, According to Sky Mobile

We Brits spend a lot of time on our phones, as it turns out.

A recent report from Sky Mobile, based on a survey of 2,000 adults from across the UK, has ascertained that almost half of us spend a significant amount of time playing games on our phones. Overall, the nation spends an average of 20 minutes a day playing puzzle games on our phones. And for the over-55s, that rises to 30 minutes.

One in three people play games on their phones multiple times a day, with puzzle games coming out on top, and card games not far behind. Of all the games we spend time playing, 57% of them are puzzle games, and 32% are card games. Big it up for the puzzle games.

Sky Mobile has also mapped out the top 10 most popular games we play on our mobile phones and… well, there’s no surprises to know what has come out on top. What is interesting, though, is four of the games on the list didn’t even exist before 2022 (Wordle and its spin-offs). We wonder how the list will look in a year’s time; will they still be as popular as they are now?

The most popular mobile games

  1. Candy Crush Saga (32%)
  2. Wordle (31%)
  3. Sudoku (19%)
  4. Candy Crush Soda Saga (19%)
  5. Crosswords (17%)
  6. Pokémon Go (14%)
  7. Worldle (14%)
  8. Roblox (10%)
  9. Quordle (8%)
  10. Heardle (7%)

There’s no surprises that Candy Crush Saga, King’s long-running match-three puzzler, remains on top. But seeing Wordle in second place is interesting, with Worldle, Quordle and Heardle all making the list too.

Sky Mobile also polled people on how and where they play mobile games. A whopping 43% like to play while in bed, and 40% enjoy playing while watching TV. Only 20% admit to playing games on their phone while on the toilet, but we suspect the real number is much higher than that.

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