The 20th Anniversary Xbox Documentary Has Won a Daytime Emmy

Xbox Power on Documentary

Microsoft’s Power On: The Story of Xbox, a documentary covering the first twenty years of the Xbox, has won a Daytime Emmy.

The six-part Xbox documentary has a combined running time of around four hours and was released onto YouTube to celebrate the console line’s anniversary. It makes use of previously unseeing archive footage and features frank interviews with many of the people involved.

In fact, it’s the latter that impressed us the most – it doesn’t attempt to gloss over disasters like the infamous Red Ring of Death and while it could easily have been four hours of tedious back-patting, it’s a riveting watch. And now, as reported by VGC, it’s received a Daytime Emmy.

The award is for Outstanding Single-Camera Editing, instead of the general content of the documentary, but the Daytime Emmys are hotly contested. Yes, “Daytime Emmy” might sound like a bargain basement cousin of the regular Emmys, but what a lot of people know as the Emmys are the Primetime Emmys. The only distinction between the two is the latter is restricted to evening shows, or shows that would typically be shown in the evening.

You can catch the first part of the documentary here, which should then auto-play the remaining chapters. If nothing else, we can heartily recommend Chapter 5, about the aforementioned Red Ring of Death, a technical issue that, had it been handled the wrong way, could have sunk the Xbox there and then.